Tuscan olive tree nursery

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Tuscan olive tree nursery Italian olive nursery

Ascolano Olive Tree

A vigorous and upright grower with slightly twisted and substantive green leaves, Ascolano is prized for the huge size and delicate taste of its olives. Since you can't get something for nothing, the downside is that Ascolano olives bruise easily and then you can't cure them. So harvest carefully. Fruit set is also fairly low. This is the only olive we offer that doesn't turn black when ripe. Also used to produce a light and delicate oil. Ascolano is the most cold hardy of the Tuscan cultivars. Not self-fertile. Compatible olive tree pollenizers include Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino. This is a new crop of trees and they're small.

Tuscan olive tree nursery

Tuscan olive tree nursery

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Frantoio olive Tree
The primary varietal used in Tuscan oil production, the Frantoio olive tree is useful to the home gardener as well. This olive tree is self-fertile, meaning it doesn't require another variety to set fruit, but is also an excellent pollenizer to other olive trees. The Frantoio olive tree grows in semi-pendulous fashion, with dark green-gray leaves. The fruit also makes a good table olive after curing, with a slightly nutty flavor to the medium-sized fruit. Over 3' tall, nicely shaped trees as of July 2012.

Grown primarily in the Languedoc region of France, the Picholine olive is the go to olive for martinis due to its nutty flavor and meaty texture. An esteemed table olive, cured when green. Late harvest, so difficult to bring in a crop in areas with early frost. The tree has a short, upright and wide growth pattern, with pale green leaves. Partially self-fertile, but a better harvest if planted with Leccino. This is a new crop of trees and they're small, 3' tall with branching just beginning as in photo.


Coratina olive Tree
A very adaptable olive tree from Puglia, the oil has a strong peppery flavor from its high polyphenol levels. Coratina olive trees grow faster and more erect than others, with gray-green leaves. Excellent choice for hot climates. Compatible olive tree pollenizers include Frantoio and Leccino.

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